15 February 2015

oak gall ink - a learning experience

i heard that black ink can be made from the bitterness of the Oak tree, its galls, and its acorns.
i heard that together with iron, the color black is made

I read that Ferrous Sulfate Fe(2+)SO4(2-) is what you can use as the iron source. This pure salt can be made by dissolving iron in sulfuric acid. Disolving metals in sulfuric acid creates salts called sulfates.
What makes me feel like this ingredient is kindof nuts? It is sold online in cute plastic bottles that are made to be reactively inhibitive

before i answer that i must say that how we gain our materials is important to me

these galls i was brought here by i found walking into Felton town and there in my path they lay

where will i find ferrous sulfate (ferrous = iron)

somehwere online in this search i read that ferrous sulfate FeSO4 is used for supplements for iron deficiency. okay. somehwere online i read that this compound is a mutagen and is used to kill moss??

Iron is metal. 

I read on The Iron Gall Ink Website (irongallink.org) that mixing tannin (bitterness) and iron sulfate, "...a water soluble ferrous tannate complex is formed". What is a ferrous tannate complex, exactly? Anyway it hits the oxygen in the air and makes a ferric tannate pigment (what is this ferric tannate pigment exactly?). black, and no longer water soluble. 

The Iron acts on the Gallic acid to make the black pigment. Why does the Iron have to be in 'sulfate form' meaning created into a salt by way of sulfuric acid? Why would I have sulfuric acid????

How else can the iron be made available to act on the tannic acid in the bitter Oak galls?

I;ve heard of 'chelate' which i loosely associated with the phrase ' to make available/distribute', so maybe il'l try that becuase im reading that chelated iron is common for horticulture.

Where else can i find this iron? 

^This beautiful website is telling me that Pomo indians took iron from the earth 'ferrougenous earth' probably in conjunction with lemon or something acidic like lemon, vinegar, or ashes. They write I can use rusty iron (nails, etc) soaked in acid to make the iron salt. 

I read that iron gall ink is not to really be used in metal fountain pens because it will 'corrode ' the metal.  well i found this: 


If i soak my rusty iron nails in a weak acid like lemon theyll create a basic sulfate. Im looking for a neutral pH ink right?

I read also that boiling the galls in a weak acid solution this makes more tannic acid ready to make black. I will powderize the galls, and I will find a rusty iron source!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Are esters what artificial flavorings are?